Friday, November 26, 2010

Unpredictable days.....

If there's one thing we've learned it's how unpredictable days can be, in the life of a cancer patient. Bob very seldom complains, and he has a great attitude. His pain tolerance level is pretty high, so when he says "I hurt", I know it's time to react.

After two days on his feet (because he felt so good), helping with the Thanksgiving meal, as well as a trip to the Golf Course to see if his putter still fit his hand; the pain returned to his leg and hip, with a vengeance.  And, why is it that the pain is always worse at night???  Finally, after a combination of a pain pill, Tylenol, and finally a Phenergan, to make him sleep - there was relief.

This morning, he awoke again to pain in the same hip and leg. A quick call to the Cancer Clinic answering service resulted in a return call from the doctor "on call" this weekend - thankfully, it was his oncologist. My first thought was that the pain might be caused by the cancer. And, we also know that he's having reactions to the Velcade.  Dr. H is ordering an MRI, on Monday, of the pelvis and spine, to try to determine the cause of the pain.

Along with some suggestions for relieving his pain, Dr. H delivered the news that Bob's M-Spike is now at .9!! (So, the pain isn't coming from his cancer.)  He's almost in full remission with the Velcade. We've been asked if we will continue with the SCT procedure? Absolutely!

For our wonderful family and friends, and all your support, love, and prayers, we are so thankful.


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