Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving thanks, for more than just one day.......

We made it through October! We lost a dear friend, but nothing bad, traumatic, monumental, earth-shattering, or even mildly disconcerting, etc. happened in our house.  For those of you, unaware, October is generally "the" month. If it's going to happen, it happens then.

I remember when I first began this blog, I read on the blog of another that MMers and caregivers tend to blog less when "things are good". At the time, I thought "that's not me.....I'm wordy, I'll write". Today, I realized he was right - I am blogging less, because there's really not much to say. For that, I'm extremely happy!

We moved our Motorhome back to our house at the end of October after a month's stay on the beautiful MS Gulf Coast. As I've often written, we never know if plans we make will happen - so nothing is "concrete". Plans are made - to be broken!

Ever since his diagnosis, Bob has had so much trouble with his legs. They always seem to hurt, and he has such a hard time moving around. Sometime ago, on the Multiple Myeloma Support Group FB page, someone offered a suggestion regarding a supplement prescribed by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, for MM patients experiencing neuropathy.  I searched for, and found, the Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI - 400 mg w/Alpha Lipoic Acid - 200 mg. and began giving him one in the morning and one at night (after first consulting with his doctor, of course). Just a little under a month, and his legs are so much better. Nothing else, in his medication regimen has changed it has to be these little gems that are working! I've learned that it really is (pardon this expression) a "crap shoot" .... just never know what will work and what won't. And, things that work for one patient have no effect on another.

With my honey doing so much better, we decided to try (that being the operative word) another RV trip! This time with Texas, and our youngest daughter as the destination, while the weather was still good and with Thanksgiving approaching. I had to be assured that Bob could handle the driving (that isn't my job).  I've become very adept at helping him get set up, after we arrive, and I'm a great co-pilot (you know the kind - I'm good at "move over - you're too close to the edge, get off the center line,  Bob!! you're too close to that truck, OMG!!) He just laughs.....and ignores me!!

With three puppies, I really think he had the easiest job - even with me "trying" to tell him what to do. I rode, from Mississippi to Dallas, with a pillow and 3 dogs in my lap. There were four of us in the seat, and three were comfortable - you can guess which three!

The drive across east Texas, after stopping, for the night, in Bossier City, LA was so pretty. I've never thought of Texas as a place to take a "Fall Foliage Tour", but the trees were absolutely beautiful. The yellow oaks, orange leaves of the sweet gum and red maples against backdrops of pines were stunning.

We arrived at our campsite, in the Dallas area, about mid-afternoon - ready to see our baby-daughter (42, but still our "baby"). My honey was tired - but he had done it!

MM has made so many changes, in our lives, but it has also made us so appreciative and so thankful for anything/everything/many things. I appreciate everything that my honey is now able to do .... and I tell him so. I thank him for trying. I know there are times that he hurts, and he's tired - but he tries to keep going. I'm thankful. I'm thankful for everyday that I have him.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you - just thankful for every day!!