Sunday, April 8, 2012

Before our journey ends.......

Exactly 18 months ago yesterday our lives were forever changed; when we began this journey. Like most, we knew that  Bob had just been given a diagnosis of cancer, but we knew nothing about this incurable though treatable, and often even called chronic, disease. How quickly we began to learn!

We learned early on, that everything on the Internet isn't the gospel and shouldn't be trusted. We found great Myeloma websites, and blogs, with information and support from other Myeloma "victims" and caregivers.  We've been surrounded by wonderful friends, caring family, and above all ... great doctors.  Finally, we learned that sometimes there are comments, and people, that we just have to ignore.

It has often been a stressful year and one-half filled with everything from the initial diagnosis to pain and infections, both of  which are not uncommon for Myeloma patients. During this leg of our journey, we've had quite a few hospital visits. Again, not uncommon for Myeloma patients. I was even beginning to think we might get a "frequent visitor" card! Other than being on a first name basis with a great group of nurses, there are no added benefits.

Bob's back pain has begun to be almost constant, even with pain meds. On Wednesday, Dr. S. will perform another RFD (Radio Frequency Dennervation) which will hopefully bring much needed relief; as it did in February, 2011.

There are days when my honey doesn't feel good, but on many of those days he makes an effort to go to his shop. Hearing the sounds of the sander, planer, saws, or even the "elevator music"that plays on the television in his shop allows me (and maybe both of us) to forget, just for a minute, that he has cancer. The cancer that invaded his body hasn't taken away his ability to design and build beautiful just takes longer.

Cancer, regardless of the type, can be debilitating, painful, stressful, and emotionally draining on everyone involved.  Amazingly enough it also provides time........time to focus on the really important things in one's life. Time to realize that nothing should be taken for granted. Time to realize that each day is a blessing. Time for each other.

The next part of our unplanned journey begins as this beautiful Easter Sunday ends.  We can only hope and pray, that somewhere along the way, a cure will be found............before our journey ends.