Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Want Me To Do What??

 I took my honey to his GP, yesterday (it was a struggle, but he finally agreed to go...in an attempt to find out why he feels so bad.)

(1) On Friday, his Blood Glucose was 263 and daughter Gale (nurse) gave him Insulin. (In the hospital, insulin is given if it is over 150.) Said GP got irritated and told me I was "premature" in doing this. So.....here's what he advised: Increase his oral med (from 2.5 mg to 5 mg), take Blood Sugar twice each day....and if it's over 250, give insulin.  Isn't that what we did? (Except that we didn't increase the oral med.)

(2) Several months ago, we were having issues with Bob's Blood Pressure dropping. He was on a "check BP and if the Systolic (top) is over 150 give BP med, and if it's below 150, do nothing" plan. (Another GP had us doing this.) This GP (we changed docs) did not like that plan, so put him on a med to bring his BP up and I could understand this. When it finally got back to what I considered "normal," I discontinued the drug. Yesterday, when I revealed that to the GP......I was told I need to ALWAYS give him the drug to bring the BP up...and if it's over 150, give him his BP med to bring it down! So, the BP is now in a normal range and I'm going to give meds to cause it to go up and then give him meds to cause it to go down.  What????? How is that different from what I was doing....except I wasn't pushing it up (it has not been low, for months). This morning, the systolic was 122, and I really had a hard time giving him a little white pill to make it go up.

 (3) GP advised that my honey's meds for anxiety/depression should be increased, and my thoughts were......."if we keep seeing you, I'll need to have my own increased!"

(4) An antibiotic was prescribed for the bacteria and mucus, found in his kidneys. I'm hoping this is the reason he has been feeling so bad. If so, it was worth the trip!

I'm not trying to play "doctor" as I was once told, by a friend. I just have enough sense to question what sounds unreasonable or ridiculous. Too bad that our good Dr. H. isn't a Hemoc/GP!! 

My honey told me last night, as we were getting close to sleep....."I was praying that you and that doctor weren't going to get into a fight.....I could see the hairs standing up, on the back of your neck."  (Next time, he may not let me go with him!)

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