Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another great doctor....

We continue to be so blessed with great doctors! Yesterday, Bob met with his new Internal Medicine doctor, and by the end of the visit, we both knew we had another good one.  We had a new experience - he gave us his cell phone number, in the event we needed to contact him. That action, a month ago, would have scared me to death - I would have worried that he thought Bob might be dying!

He's focused on getting Bob's Blood Sugar to 130, in spite of the fact that the Dexamethasone (steroid) has other ideas! He's now on a sliding scale dosage of insulin, at suppertime, as well as the oral medication at breakfast.  (The "suppertime" terminology was used to eliminate any question about what time-of-day, for the insulin ritual). We could be of the old Southern heritage that calls the noon meal "dinner", rather than lunch.   

This was the first GOOD checkup he'd had, in ......years? Why had we waited so long to make this change? I do believe God works in wonderous and mysterious ways, but He really didn't have to use Multiple Myeloma to send us to all these wonderful "Medicine Men" and make us realize that we needed to change doctors!

He's also now back on Plavix, and on Benicar and has to go for more testing next week - but it's all good. Let's just get the man back to wellness!

Our second stop was the Cancer Center for Dose number 2 of Velcade, in Round Two. Things again went well. He's feeling great, drinking lots of fluids to flush the chemo, and rinsing with the "recipe" (mixture of soda and salt water), to ward off mouth sores. He's doing everything he's supposed to do, trying to get well. And, believe it or not, he's feeling well enough that he's beginning to get back into the kitchen! (Gotta' watch him, though, that might just be a ploy to get an extra snack!)

As I end this post, I never want to forget to continue to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts, prayers, and support. I continue to be thankful for any, and all, success in this journey. And, I thank God for each good day.

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