Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling good.....

Where to start? Bob feels good, and has for almost two weeks.  Amazing what fluids, blood transfusions, platelets, Chemo, good doctors, and most of all .....Prayers......will do! 

Still no nausea, after the Velcade, but never leaving that to chance; he always takes a Phenergan. Not only is there no nausea,  he sleeps like a baby for an hour or two.

Now, if we could just get his blood sugar on an even keel, everything (well, almost everything) would be wonderful. Luckily, he only has to take the Dexamethasone on the day he has chemo, since it makes his blood sugar soar.  He's a Type 2 diabetic, and before the cancer, we were able to keep it under control with oral medication and diet.  Now, we're like a hospital ......testing his blood sugar before breakfast, sometimes mid-morning, and before dinner, and then adjusting his insulin dosage accordingly, each evening. When someone has cancer, it seems as if worrying about something like abnormal blood sugar levels should be at the bottom of the list. High blood sugar can affect the kidneys which can cause Renal Failure.        

He felt so good yesterday he even hung some pictures, on the sun porch, for me! BC he might have been too busy to do that - so, not that this cancer was a blessing .....but I do try to find the silver linings in this cloud!

His appetite is good, he looks good, he feels good ......what more can we ask for? Oh yes, I remember......make him well, Lord........please make him well

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  1. Bob,

    My prayers are "always" for you. I think and pray for you are Sarah, and I know God hears my prayers. Keep looking "UP"! Enjoy your wonderful front porch. I think so often of sitting out there enjoying the trees and landscape. You are both my special friends. God Bless, Sylvia