Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life is good.......

On Tuesday, we met with Bob's oncologist ...wonderful Dr. H. I had thought that, since the Monoclonal Protein (M-Spike) was "undetectable", he'd have a respite from Chemo. Dr. H. decided that he wanted one more round, to ensure that the beast is really on the run.

And, yesterday his nurse called with the 2nd M-Spike test results. No Myeloma cells observed! Yes!!

Today, the Tri-Fusion Cathether was removed, since Bob doesn't plan on a SCT - not anytime soon, anyway. The Cathether was no was just an inconvenience. Every Thursday, a trip to the Cancer Center to get it flushed, and every shower my honey took, he had to be wrapped in Saran Wrap if he were a dish, of some sort! (Well, he is a dish....but, you know what I mean!)

Life is good at our house, these days. He's eating better. He's walking better. He's back to helping in the kitchen. He's back to driving. Yes, life is good at our house.

Thank you, Lord. (And, I remember to do that, daily.)