Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free week almost over...

This has been Bob's "free week" (no chemo), and his taste buds have almost gotten back to normal. Just in time, as he says, to return to the Velcade metallic taste. He has "taste-tested" almost every beverage, on the market, and things either (1) have no taste, or (2) taste like metal.

Water with lemon, a dash of Splenda, and lots of crushed ice seems to taste the best. And, very cold chocolate Glucerna for Diabetics is also tops on his list.

He has felt better as the week progressed, although his back has begun to hurt, again. And the Ambien, to help him sleep, hasn't done a very good job the past couple of nights!

Strange how situations change what we do ....BC (before cancer) he would only sit on the front porch, early mornings, to have coffee. Now, he enjoys rocking, in the sunshine ....and I love being there with him.

When Dr. Anderson told us that he had a "Deletion of Chromosome 13", I should have asked what that meant .....instead of just writing it in my journal. Now, I'm not feeling so good about what I'm reading online. Tuesday, I'll ask Dr. Hrom for an explanation ....and hope that it will be better than what I've read.

Tomorrow, we go back to Forrest General for Bob to get his Infusion Port. He'll first have to have Platelets, because his are only 48,000 - instead of the 150,00 - 400,000 that they should be.

Tuesday will end "Free Week" when Chemo starts, again. Maybe one day, every week will be free!

Thank you for all your support, and your prayers.


  1. Praying for you both during these long days that the very best Doctors would have wisdom and insight and that the cancer will respond to treatment. Praying that the side effects would subside and that your time together would be more precious than ever. Most of all that your faith in God remain strong and that His peace would cover you.

  2. Angela: Thank you so much for your prayers. We know that God has a plan, and we just hope that it includes letting my honey hang around for quite awhile longer!

    Please continue to pray for strength, for me.