Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zippity Doo Dah....Zippity Aye......

My, oh my, what a wonderful looks like this is going to be!!

Everyone knows the story of this journey.....the trip we never expected to take, never dreamed we'd have to take.....but are on. Some say it's God's Will, and I'm sure it is (although, I've yet to understand why). For some reason, our Higher Power knew that we could withstand the hardships that the journey would exact upon us. Knew that we were strong enough to undergo whatever, whenever. There are days, though, that I question the wisdom of God's Plan (oops, sorry God!!).

This road trip has had more bumps and obstacles - if we could turn around.........boy, would we!! At every bend in the road, Bob has experienced a problem. Surgery for an abscess, in his groin, made worse by his weakened immune system which caused an infection. Back pain that was excruciating, seemed uncontrollable and unrelenting and caused multiple trips to the ER.  A C. Diff infection that manifested itself during his Apheresis. And, last.....but certainly not least.....the damage to his stomach caused by Celebrex. The stomach pains ran a close second to the pain he once experienced, in his back. Finally, I think the road is clear!
  1. The abscess and  the infection was cleared up.
  2. The pain, in his back now under control, by a wonderful Pain Management Doctor. He's now on very little pain medication.
  3. The C. Diff infection - cleared up.
  4. Celebrex - in the trash can!! And, stomach is beginning to feel better.
Amazingly enough, the Multiple Myeloma has been the least of our worries! (No, I didn't forget that if he didn't have the MM he might not have had the other things.)

It was wonderful this morning, to have him request food and tell me he's starting to feel better. I had the inclination to "pinch" myself be sure I was awake and hearing him correctly.

I've learned so much on this journey, and as I often say, things I could have lived a lifetime without knowing. I'm sure other caregivers of MM patients feel the same as I. We do what we do out of care, and concern, and love.  We arm ourselves with the latest information, and we share our knowledge with each other. Little did I know, six months ago, that I'd be a member of such an "elite" group; friends in my same situation all over these United States. When I have my moments of darkness there's always someone with words of encouragement.

Still not sure why we were "chosen" for this journey, and maybe I'll never know. And, today I'm not going to waste time wondering about it......

Yep, I think it's gonna' be a wonderful "porch sitting" day.....

     Even at dusk, or after dark, on warm nights.....this is such a comforting place to be. The sounds of the
     cicadas, the coyotes calling to each other in the woods, the wind brushing the tops of the tall pines,
     can all make us forget that our life isn't quite "normal".   


  1. I find a peacefulness on that beautiful spot out on Fellowship that just doesn't seem to exist anywhere else in the world.

    Perhaps the journey is a test of our true faith and designed to remind how fortunate we really are ... that we can watch the birds, look high into the sky and watch them riding the currents ... that we can hear the wind as it whooshes through those wonderful pines ... and that we can reach out to one another as we rock slowly, just as we learned on Granny's back porch.

    God is great every day ... and every day, God is great.

    Love you both so very much.

  2. Lil Bro......We were raised "on the porch", and it's still one of the most peaceful places that I know.

    You're right in that God is great, but I sometimes find myself questioning how we end up in these situations. (Just as you did.)

    Love you two, too!!

  3. Such GREAT NEWS Sarah! It is amazing that in those worst moments when it seems as though it can't get any worse and you wonder if it will ever be better, it is, bit by bit, they manage to recover and some semblance of feeling better begins to return.

    Love the porch!

  4. Lori: How true! And today turned out to be a great "porch sitting" day. Bob is feeling better, and better - and so am I!!

  5. Love this post and so glad Bob requested food today. Those small wonders seem amazing to us! Thanks for sharing the feelings that most of us on this journey share. Hope tomorrow is another wonderful day too!

  6. Angie: Thanks! I'm praying that each day gets better. He said he felt better today than he had in two months!

  7. Awesome news, awesome, absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you guys!!!!!!! I'll give you a call and talk about dates.

    I'm so happy that Bob is feeling better!!!! Pain is horrible - it robs you of a quality of life that you once had. We continue to keep our prayers coming your way - for both of you!!

    And, that the two of you can enjoy yourselves on that beautiful front porch which sits on magical land that we all grew up on. Sometimes when I'm siting on your front porch, I close my eyes and I can almost hear Granny calling to one of us, while our parents are carrying on with laughter & chat.

    We should all start writing a few stories a week that we remember and share with each other - do you still have the Walker blog - or did I dream that?

    Oh, how much I love you & Bob! From the time I was just a little girl, the two of you have been there for me at every turn - you are my constants - and you both hold a special dedicated part of my heart!

    Love you!!!

    Love you both so much!!!!!!

  8. Dear Teresa.....the "little sister", in my life...

    This porch, and this land, has been my solace, for so many years. I, too, often look across at the old house....where we all "grew up", and I think of the happy days, back when.

    When, in the winter, there was a fire in the fireplace and laughter rang from every room.

    When, in the summer, there were watermelons piled high under the old, oak tree.

    In the summer, when mom, your mom, granny and other aunts sat under the old tree - swatting the flies as they laughed and shelled peas and beans.

    These memories are what get me through!

    Can't wait for you to come!!

    Love you, too....very much