Thursday, March 31, 2011

Testing for side-effects???

I think I may just "hire Bob out" to some pharmaceutical company as a side-effects tester! I have learned, among other things, if a drug has side-effects......he's gonna' have them. Not all of them, but one or two, anyway......and usually, not the "common" ones.

It's so disconcerting to have him experience the side-effects, for which he was given the drug in the first place!

We're back in the hospital so they can attempt to find the reason for his stomach pain and nausea. With all the testing that was done, in Dallas, (almost every inch of his body) in preparation for the Stem Cell Transplant (which may never happen), and all the testing that has been done here - you'd think there was an answer. Not so!

We know what it isn't .... we just don't know what it is! We're happy that it appears to be nothing serious. Why is it then that he still hurts, and is still nauseous? Is it something that is just going to have to "run its course"? Should he be expected just to "deal with it"?

He's being given drugs, both orally and in his IV, to try and fix the problem. Protonix for the acid reflux, and Carafate to coat the lining of his stomach. And yes, they also have side-effects! So, once he's over this - what will happen next!!!

On a happy note, we haven't had time to worry about Multiple Myeloma. It sits quietly, on the sidelines of our lives, as we deal with other - though painful - mundane things. And, we look forward to the day when we can get back onto that porch, and into those rocking chairs!!

Wonder how Pharmaceutical companies really do test for side-effects?????   Hmmmmm.......


  1. Sarah, I'm so sorry that Bob is back in the hospital. It's terrible that the medicines that are supposed to help us can actually make us feel worse. I am quite envious of your porch. To me those rocking chairs look like the best medicine in the world. Praying for a quick recovery for Bob.


  2. OH Gosh do I sympathize.I am one of those who gets all the side effects, even the ones that seem to be "rarely noted." I am so fearful of meds now after so many adverse reactions and right now, even my cardiologist is afraid to medicate me for high blood pressure due to my
    ultra wacky system. Thankfully, my MM'er hubby is just the opposite. He tolerates things great. Even me! ;o)

  3. Jodi & Tim's Wife: Thanks to both of you! We're home, and so in hopes that the Carafate & Protonix will hurry and heal his stomach.

    Even though he has never been very sick, Bob has always had a weak stomach, so none of this should surprise me.

    The porch is my healing place!!