Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why we blog.....

This morning, another MM caregiver, who writes about her husband, his disease, and the rest of her life - shared that her blog views has reached the 100,000 mark! (And, I am happy that I'm now over the 3,000 mark!)

I started blogging when we traveled to Europe - sharing pictures and stories of our trip in our "Gorrell's Tour of Europe". Then, when we returned home, I realized that I missed writing. I began to write my "From the Front Porch". When we started out in our Motor Home, planning on seeing much of our US, I wrote about  "This Beautiful Land". Little did I know that blog wouldn't go far and would be replaced by another blog; this one.

I write about Bob's Multiple Myeloma, to help inform others - often in detail - about what we go through on a daily basis. I've shared my innermost thoughts and fears. Our life has become an open book. If it helps someone else; it is accomplishing that for which I write.

We write because we care. We write because we're afraid. We write because we've learned, and we're continuing to learn. We write because we're becoming informed, and we want others to also be informed. We write to share our experiences - because it helps to know that we're walking in the path where others have walked, and where others will walk.

I remember the day I sat and wrote "It's Okay To Cry". I had to stop feeling guilty because I couldn't stop crying ....and putting it on paper, was the only way I knew how to deal with this. People were seeing me cry, so putting it in a blog, for the world to see, didn't really matter. I wanted others to know really is okay to cry. There are those who can hide their tears, I'm just not one of those people.

My blog may never reach 100,000 - but if it helps even one person it has accomplished what I set out to do.
Thanks for reading....and thanks for the comments. We love to hear back from you!!


  1. Great post Sarah! I loved every bit of what you said and am glad you said it! It's all so true! Thanks for keeping the front porch light on, we will come in like moths to the flame! :)

  2. Sarah,
    I recently found your blog and want to thank you for writing. Like your husband, I also have MM. I was diagnosed in Sept., 2009 and just yesterday reached my 100th day post ASCT. Your blog has been informative, honest and heartwarming. But most of all, it really strikes a chord to those of us who have this horrible disease. Please continue to update those of us in the MM world of Bob's progress. My best wishes to you and your family.


  3. Love you "Aunt Sarah". Your attitude & devotion to your husband is unmatched anywhere...attitude is everything. I ya'll in my prayers.

    Jen Harvey

  4. Wonderful way to sum it all up. And you DO help others....I can attest to that!!!!! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. Jodi: 100 days!! Congratulations!! I hope you receive wonderful news when you get your test results back. Please, please let me know. I'll keep you in my prayers.



  6. Jen: How I wish you lived close to us! Bob could sure the help you gave to Jimmy. Little did I know, when I was watching, that one day we'd be needing those same skills!!

    Love you,

  7. Angie: You, like the rest of us MM caregivers also share your lives, for the world to see. Hope your honey is doing good on these warm days.


  8. Sarah, I so understand what you mean about blogging and putting your thoughts, fears, and heartache out in the open. It really does help when trying to cope with watching someone you love so much deal with this horrible disease.

    When my boss set up my blog so that I could update everyone at home on my son's progress while we were out of town for his MM treatment, I didn't know how much it would come to mean to me over the next year and a half.

    Reading about yours and your husband's journey helps me get through my difficult days.