Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is all about choices.....

Life, in general, is about choices..........what to eat, what to wear, where to go, what to do????? We met with Bob's oncologist on Tuesday to discuss his options if he chooses not to proceed with the Stem Cell Transplant.

The C. Diff infection has really taken its toll, and because of the infection, the Stem Cell Transplant scheduled to begin March 14 (this week) had to be postponed.

While in Dallas, we were told by the MM Specialist that Bob would either have to start the SCT process again, by April 1, or go back on Chemo. Because he isn't strong enough to endure the rigors of the SCT, at this time, he'll start another round of Chemo next Tuesday. His numbers are still good, and his oncologist doesn't want the MM to get out-of-hand.

His Stem Cells are frozen - safe and sound at Carter Blood Center, in Dallas. Whenever he's ready, they'll be ready. It's his decision, his choice. If he chooses not to have the transplant, there are still several chemo options available.

Life is all about choices.....


  1. Yes, choices, timing, quality of life, worries, fears, what ifs, all can be quite consuming. Since he is stable at the moment, recovering, and can have chemo in the interim, it is good to just "take a break" from all the thinking about what to do next for a bit will do you both good. People were shocked that Dave was dx in mid June and we didn't get to a consultation until late Aug/early Sept and then to Arkansas in mid Oct for 2nd opinion. Dave was stable, pain was managed and we felt blessed to have time. If things change abruptly you will be forced to decide, but right now, you have time. Take it. You'll know what to do and when.

    Say! Congrats on your navigating cancer award! :)

  2. Lori: I doubt that he'll ever do the SCT ....but then, never say never! He's had such a hard time, ever since diagnosis - if he can just get to a "living place"....that's what I want most for him/us.

    Didn't know about the Navigating Cancer award....maybe I had their badge posted when I shouldn't have!!