Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bringing you up-to-date

I've really been slacking on my blogging. In order to catch everyone up on what's been happening at this MM house, here's a quick run-through:  Home from our almost month long RV Thanksgiving trip to Texas, Christmas here and gone, wonderful and unseasonably warm 'porch-sitting' weather in January, a weekend trip to the "Big Easy" and six Mardi Gras parades, a visit in February from a dear Iowa friend, and a tornado that ripped through a nearby town and destroyed the home of another MM patient and his wife/caregiver. Suddenly you're up-to-date. (And you really missed nothing important!)

Thankfully, we got through most of the winter (it isn't over yet, is it?) without my honey having the flu ..... or worse, pneumonia. Just a bad cough and cold, while in TX, but the good Dr. H. prescribed an antibiotic which kept it from getting worse.

Lately, we've been battling issues with low Blood Pressure, which usually indicates either dehydration or a kidney infection. He's gotten fluids, at the Cancer Center, and has taken 14 days of Cipro. This week, we're going to a new Internist to determine what can be done to keep his BP where it's supposed to be.

Today has been a "walk with two canes" kinda' day........he's dizzy (it isn't the BP or his Blood Sugar), and very unstable. Seems like a bad case of Vertigo, which can be miserable. Glad he has a doctor's appointment this week!

All in all, things are pretty good at this house. My honey doesn't always feel good, gets tired very easily, and spends quite a lot of time in his recliner....dreaming about "what might have been".  He's really one of those "you don't look sick" people - he looks, if he could just feel better!!

Thank you for your support and for reading, and I'll try to be a better blogger. Just know, if I don't's probably good news!


  1. Thanks for waving the good news flag! :)
    I think everyone will feel better when the sun comes out more regularly.

  2. dear sarah,

    so good to hear that things this winter have stayed on a fairly even keel and that you and your honey have had some lovely times - porch sitting in january? really?? i. am. jealous.

    i hope that all is being sorted out with the low BP as well as the vertigo (?) - hope you have gotten some answers from the 2 doc visits, and that things clicked with the new internist. give your honey a big hug; and please know that i think of you both often, always sending powerful vibes for healing and comfort.

    love, XO,

    karen, TC