Monday, October 3, 2011

No celebrations ....just milestones

It isn't an anniversary, and it isn't a celebration ..... it's a milestone. The end of this week - Friday, to be exact, will be one year from the day that we learned that cancer had invaded our lives. Cancer. Just the mention of the word brings a shudder. Cancer. Not something that can happen in this family. Cancer. Who, us???  Cancer. Yes, us.

"Us".  Bob, or my "honey", as I call him, is the one with the cancer ....but it's really "us". As our youngest daughter so aptly stated, cancer metastasizes to the entire family, so even though my honey has the cancer, we all feel the pain.

How did this happen? Why us? Why him? Why was he "chosen" to bear this burden of Multiple Myeloma? He often asks "Why me?" And, I don't know. Why him? Why does anyone get cancer?

Things have gotten so much better over these past 12 months. For some reason, it's much easier to think of it in "months" rather than a year. And, I'm not sure why. Maybe saying "months" doesn't make it seem so long.

Like childbirth - he seems not to remember those early days when there was so much pain. And for that\ I'm thankful, for it was terrible. (Those are memories I don't think I'll ever forget.) Just a few days ago, after months of being "easy" (not much pain) he decided that he'd try the Driving Range. For several days now he has paid the price, and brought me back to those days when we were battling days of pain.

I'm such a  "things happen for a reason" and "God works in mysterious ways" type of person, so I have to think that God was trying to make us realize that we have it pretty easy, right now. Life is good. This is our "normal"...and it isn't bad. There are some who have it so much worse.

Life is good. It isn't a celebration. It's a milestone. It's cancer. We're just happy for every day.......whether it's good or bad. We've been given another day.


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