Sunday, September 11, 2011

A journey ends.......

When Bob was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, almost one year ago (October 7 will be one year), an old friend from high school got in touch. Her husband had been living with MM for almost twelve years, They had moved from Memphis to Houston to be near his oncologist at M. D. Anderson. He was considered to be a "walking miracle", and after all those years was still doing pretty well.

She brought us great hope. It helped to hear from a positive force - someone who was a caregiver like I was about to become. And advice from someone who had been on the journey that we were about to take.

On Labor Day, her honey lost his twelve year battle against Multiple Myeloma. He was in a Nursing Home in the Houston area - a room that he shared with my friend, his wife. Not long after we spoke, she was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer which later metastasized to her brain.

And now, after only one year, my friend is in her last days.  Who knows why someone can live only one year, when another lives twelve. Maybe God thought her honey would still need her care, in heaven - or maybe God thought she couldn't live without him, here on earth. 

May you rest in peace,  Herb. And may you go in peace, when God calls for you, dear Barb.

Sadness engulfs us, but knowing that these two will no longer experience pain brings us peace.  


  1. Oh Sarah. I'm so sorry. It sounds like they have both been very giving an incredible people who have many who will continue to love all they gave to this world.

  2. It is indeed very sad, but maybe your friend will now be able to spend the rest of her days without the worry of leaving her honey behind. We women have so much to worry about.

  3. Lori: When we first spoke, Barb mentioned that she was having some problems and was soon to find out what her issues were. Even during her own illness, she was always so ready and willing to discuss MM, with me.

  4. Lorna: Those were my thoughts, too.

  5. oh, sarah - finding your friend again, and getting to share so much about being in myelomaville, and now having to say goodbye; i am so, so sorry. she was an earth angel to you and now, each time you remember all the comfort she brought you, she will still be there for you and also be able to see the love and gratitude you will always have in your heart for her. this is karen, sending warm hugs.

  6. Karen: Thank you. I've had such a difficult time with this. It seemed so unfair that she had spent so many years dealing with his cancer.....and then to face it, herself.

    I don't think we're ever supposed to understand.

    Hugs to you....