Monday, April 4, 2011

Take Small Steps and Celebrate the Small Successes.....

This morning, a young minister friend who is going through his own set of ups and downs, reminded me that "taking small steps" are best ..... especially if they are going forward. He also reminded me to watch out for the bumps.

Before Bob was diagnosed, with Multiple Myeloma, on October 7, 2010 (6 months ago, this week) we were always full-speed ahead. Our daughters commented that they weren't able to keep up with us, and would laughingly tell us how they'd have to go home to rest. We were constantly "on the go". Neither of us had any medical issues, and we didn't understand the meaning of the term "slow down".

Suddenly, we were thrust into a world of which we knew nothing. In my extended family, my brother was a cancer survivor; and he and I had lost several cousins to various types of cancer, but Bob and I had not dealt with cancer on a personal basis.

How quickly our life changed with that one diagnosis! We went from running through life to being almost unable to move. We were like a team of horses; someone had suddenly yelled "whoa".

We were still moving, but in a different direction, at a different speed, and to places we'd never been. Bob was now attached to intravenous leads and bags of fluid, and our calendar was filled with doctor's appointments and dates for Chemo treatments.

He has had several "bumps" in his road. And, although the bumps may have been caused by his cancer, his cancer isn't the problem.....and he is often reminded of that. We have to remember to celebrate the small successes .... his Chemo treatments brought his M-Spike down, and his pain is finally at a manageable level.

In the six months that passed - our calendar has continued to be filled, as have our days.  And, the words of our young minister friend ring in my ears; "learn to take small steps". We need to celebrate all the small successes, and enjoy the days. 

Taking small steps.......very good advice from a wonderful young man that has been in our lives for many years.  

The first Iris bloom from "old stock" saved from Bob's mom's garden. We always look for the Iris, and consider this another small success (especially since neither of us like yard work!)


  1. Big Hug from one who also needs to take small steps forward and appreciate them!!!

  2. Hey Angie: You're doing great!! And, what an inspiration you are.

    Hugs to you.....

  3. Great Post Sarah! If you don't mind I'd like to link to it on my blog. It's such a great illustration of how our lives can take a sudden turn in a direction we never imagined and how we 'adjust'. Similarly, I say never knock an UP statistic. No matter how tiny or small, the improvements and pleasures Dave and I enjoyed were a BIG DEAL. Small steps, BIG CELEBRATION!

  4. Lori: I'd love for you to use this. It's these small successes that tend to make us forget what is just under the surface.

    Keep weaving!!!

  5. It's funny how cancer changes our journey isn't it? Our lives are still full, but with issues we never thought we would have to face. I need to remember to celebrate our small steps..

  6. Angie: From reading your blog, I think you do a pretty good job of doing that.

    Good luck, in LR.....and keep us posted.