Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home again, Home again....

After almost one week of taking up space in a hospital room, we're back home. I realized last night that I felt a little overwhelmed with all the drugs - possibly because we'd added five (5) new prescriptions to our stash. It's beginning to look like I'm trying to set up my own pharmacy! We've also begun to experience the expense of cancer, with two prescriptions not covered by insurance. When (and if) the PMS procedures work, these two prescriptions will GO AWAY!!

Our first night back home was a good one, and Bob was able to sleep almost the whole night through (which means that I also slept almost the whole night!)

Tomorrow,  we go back to Hattiesburg for the first injection procedure on his Facet Joints. Please keep both the specialist, and Bob, in your prayers. And, please remember to pray for our FB friend, Robert Thornton. Robert has been living with MM for several years, and isn't doing too well these days. He has been such a great source of information, and strength, for us .....and this horrible cancer is taking a toll on his body.

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