Saturday, February 12, 2011

The testing continues.....

Bob only has 3 tests remaining before we head back home. He's been through the Pulmonary Functions test  (the technician said "I shouldn't be telling you this, but he did great!"), a PET Scan (to determine if the cancer has metastasized to any other parts of his body, as well as to locate masses of cells), a skeletal survey, and a chest Xray.

Monday, he still has the 24 hour Urine test (to provide an accurate measurement of the level of kidney functions as well as any possible kidney damage caused by the myeloma, protein in the urine as well as the light chains wil provide information about the extent of the disease), an MRI of his spine and pelvis, and a Heart test (to determine if his heart can withstand the SCT). I'm thinking it may be my heart they need to check!

By the time we leave Dallas, he will have been checked "six ways from Sunday" (as the old saying goes), and they will know everything about him! Lucky for me, I brought several things to read since I've clocked lots of waiting time. I think Bob's just paying me back for all those times he had to sit with me (C-Sections, hysterectomy, gallbladder).

We really could have worked out another way for me to pay him back!

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  1. We have same dr. he's a honey. Also a MSU grad. Yearly check-up in Dallas in Feb. We have Travel Trailer. Went to MT last fall.