Friday, February 4, 2011

It really does, take a village.............

Back in August, 1996 when Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her "It Takes a Village" speech, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago - she was referring to raising our children. People helping people, families helping families; insuring that the children aren't forgotten. Mrs. Clinton was not inferring that parents are not capable of raising their children, but rather that more people are involved in the process: teachers, doctors, babysitters, grandparents, and the list goes on and on.

Little did I realize in 1996, that later her speech would also have an impact on our lives, not because of our children or grandchildren, but because of ourselves.

In October, 2010 when Bob was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - an incurable cancer of the plasma cells, I slowly began to realize what her speech really meant. Suddenly, we needed an entire "village" to get us through this terrible nightmare into which we had plummeted.

We had a great oncologist and wonderful nurses, but we needed more than that.  We knew, at this point, that we needed our friends and family - their support and their prayers. The support extended to the Internet, Facebook, this blog and other blogs. Others, going through the same experience as we were, continue to reach out to offer support and information.

Phone calls come, on a daily basis, offering help and support. Bob's name has been entered on many prayer lists, and prayers have been offered up on his behalf.

I now know that it does take a village, whether it is to raise a child; help a family in need; or as in our case just to help us get from one day to the next as we deal with the pains, and the treatments, that Bob is going through. It helps to be able to pick up the telephone, and "call a friend". It helps to be able to ask for prayers, and support.

Yes, it really does take a village -

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