Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Continuing this Journey.....

A doctor, with empathy and "bedside" manner can deliver news, that might otherwise be upsetting, in such a manner that it's almost palatable. We've been so fortunate, in this journey we've been forced to take, to have an oncologist with both. When I think back over some of the comments that we've heard from other doctors, I know we've been blessed.

Rather than telling us that Bob's Chemo is no longer effective - Dr. H. advised that his M-Spike has plateaued. It meant the same thing, but it sounded so much better!

Bob was given the choice, and has made the decision, to continue on this journey by proceeding with the Stem Cell Transplant - if he's eligible. We'll go to Dallas - UT Southwestern Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic next week, for further testing. And, how lucky we are that the MM Specialist there is just as caring as our doctor, at home.

As we continue our journey, down this long road, we ask that you remember to include us in your thoughts and prayers.  

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