Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just two months, and three weeks.....

was how long Bob's "Near CR" lasted. There are just some things that one knows, in their 'gut', and this was one of those things. He had begun to have pains reminiscent of earlier days, and he so often felt bad. So, when I made my "executive" decision to get him back to Dr. H, ahead of his regularly scheduled appointment, it was because I felt that things just weren't right.

On Tuesday, we learned that his M-Spike has begun to creep back up. It's only 0.3, but we'd much rather it had stayed at nothing! We have a trip planned to a beautiful RV park, in the Virginia mountains, near the Blue Ridge Parkway. We're continuing with our trip plans, with Dr. H's blessings and urgings. Breathing that fresh mountain air and getting away from the humdrum of everyday life is always good for the soul, and maybe the health, too!

The timing of The Myeloma Beacon's article "Early Relapse May Be Linked To Shorter Survival In Elderly Myeloma Patients" could not have come at a worse time, for me. There are things I read, that I never tell (Bob) and this was one of those articles.

Tuesday was the "I can't believe this is happening, again" type of day. As the renowned MM Specialist stated, there is tremendous anxiety among Myeloma patients ........dreading relapse......and then, it actually happens.

We knew those cells could start to proliferate, again, we had just hoped it wouldn't happen so soon. We'll enjoy our trip, each other, and the mountains.....and when we return we'll hope that the good mountain air has taken away his need for more Chemo! (I can dream, can't I?)


  1. Oh, Sarah, I'm sorry to hear of Bob's relapse. Yes, you keep on dreaming - and I'll be praying - that those beautiful mountains and the fresh air will bring Bob's numbers right back down again. Here's to a wonderful trip, filled with all sorts of special moments.

  2. Dianne: Thank you! I know you've been there, and understand the frustration. Just wish his near CR could have lasted longer.....but it is what it is.

    We're excited about a change of scenery!!


  3. Sarah, I just want to cry. I'd had such a great week (finally)...had good news from another MM friend....and now this. Why can't we ALL be UP together? Guess it is so we always have someone UP to pull "up" those that are down. :-(

    We are going with the numbers are still very low. So once you have thoroughly enjoyed your vacation....we will beat down the MM monster again. I have faith....and know you do.

    Many, many prayers coming your way. BIG Hug!

  4. Sarah, I am so sorry to hear your news. MM is such a frustrating disease. Since Bob has already experienced near CR, there is no reason to think that he can't do it again. In the meantime, enjoy your vacation to the fullest. As hard as it is, try not to think of those numbers while you are away. Treat yourself to some well earned relaxation. It's amazing what a little r&r can do for one's health.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  5. Damn it! But boy am I impressed beyond words with your instincts, courage and confront of your 'gut' feelings. As I keep thinking more and more people are getting this 'rare' blood disease that we are so damn close to understanding it more and the answer is just right there! Somewhere! You, Bob and your daughter are in my prayers everyday.

  6. Have a fantastic holiday - I insist.

    I think I make the most of things now because of the myeloma not despite it - if that makes sense.

    My paraprotein jumped up to 15 in Feb from 'there but not sufficiently to quantify' in Jan. However by April it was back down to zero. And Bob's is only 'creeping up' - that's not to say it isn't a sod but just that it can be slapped back down again.

    Most importantly will there be holiday pics? :D

  7. Angie, Jodi, Lori & Feresa: Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm hoping since he's gotten this far (Near CR) once before, it can happen again.

    The trip to the mountains is coming at a good time.....and there will definitely be photos!

    Hugs to all of you!!

  8. Sorry to hear this. It is always such a letdown. He may be able to stay stable though and I hope that he does. I've known folks who lingered at low numbers for quite awhile. Heck, I even know folks who lingered at high numbers without treatment. Too many times, I hear of folks whose transplants either didn't work, or worked for a very short time. I can't wait until the scientists/doctors find a better way to kick MM's arse.

  9. Denise: His onc. said that often the numbers will fluctuate, for unknown reasons, both up and down.....without intervention. I'm so in hopes that's what's going on.

    It's such an emotional roller coaster!!