Friday, November 12, 2010

Round Two ends..........

We headed to Hattiesburg, early, for the final treatment of Round Two. It was such a long day - not that we haven't had long days, in the past, but usually they've been filled with "fun" things! We started with an appointment at the Internist, so that he could review Bob's Blood Glucose readings from the past week and adjust the Levimir (Insulin).  The effects of the Dexametasone on the Blood Glucose, and managing the Insulin dosage has added another dimension to our daily routine. At least this keeps us from being bored!

The doctor visit was followed by the Cancer Clinic, and an already filled waiting room. Bob's Platelets had dropped to 62,000 and were below the approved range for administering Chemo.  This necessitated a call to the oncologist, and waiting, before they could proceed. There are always other patients, or caregivers, willing to share their stories ..... so time passes.  

His other blood work seems to be improving - little by little. We weren't able to find out what his M Spike was, and that's the important number! We'll have to wait until Thanksgiving week, and I certainly hope we'll have something for which to be thankful!

The day ended with a trip to the Southern Heart Clinic for an Ultrasound of his Carotid Arteries, as well as an Echocardiogram. Per his Internist, both were "just to be on the safe side" (for which we are thankful!).

We were finally able to head home, and breathe a sigh of relief.......Round Two (or Cycle Two, whichever you prefer) was now over. A free week, without doctors or needles (except the ones that he would have to administer, himself) lay ahead of us.

 He is still feeling good with a good appetite, and a good attitude. Thanksgiving is just ahead of us, and we are thankful.....for each and every day (and for all of you).

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