Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free week, and good days....

This is the week that Bob looks forward to; no trips to the Cancer Center and no Chemo! He's still feeling good, and has even made a few trips to his shop. He looks longingly at his tools and his woodworking magazines. And, he plans for the day when he can again start creating, as do I!

He has a voracious appetite, which is good but also hard to manage, with his diabetes and the constant blood glucose issues. At least his weight has leveled off, and he has stopped dropping pounds. He now has two types of insulin: Levimir which is long-acting, and NovoLog (which we've not yet had to use) that has to be taken before meals, based on a sliding scale. Today was one of those days that required no insulin, since his blood sugar was almost in the hypoglycemia range. Next week, when he's back on steroids all this will change!

He still has the problem with food not tasting quite right, or having no taste. The Chemo has a tendency to play havoc with the taste buds, just as the steroids do with the blood glucose. As long as both do what they're supposed to, and get him well, we'll deal with the other two issues.

I think I've become the "Queen of Charts", keeping charts on everything. I have a Vitals Chart, a Blood Glucose chart for managing the insulin, and a Lab Test Results chart so that I can track how his numbers are responding to the treatment (it makes me feel better, even if I don't always know what I'm reading!).  One of the small counters in our kitchen has now become the Medical Counter with his array of pill bottles and "pill minders" (those little Monday - Sunday thingies), so that he takes what he's supposed to, when he's supposed to.  With all that goes on, I don't leave anything to memory these days, I might have a "Senior Moment" and forget to medicate him, or over-medicate!

Life handed us lemons - we'll just keep trying to make lemonade!


  1. Mike & Bev BellileNovember 17, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Bob and Sarah,
    So thankful you are having good days. We pray they will continue. . Thinking of you often. God's Blessings. Love, Mike & Bev

  2. Mike & Bev: Thanks for your prayers.....please continue to remember Bob. We're so thankful for these good days, but realize things can change very quickly.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.