Thursday, October 11, 2012

We don't really like October.......

We entered into the month of October with a bit of trepidation, and rightfully so. This past week, two years ago, we were back and forth to the doctor searching for answers. We had just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary, took off on what was to be a great adventure in our RV, and things began to go downhill from there.

October, 2010 was the month my honey was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and began to face the pain and treatment that accompanies cancer.

October, 2011 - one year later - back in our RV and on the beautiful MS Gulf Coast......he became very ill.  Pneumonia, Renal Failure, and later, a Staph Infection, provided him with a "most expenses paid" three week stay in the hospital.

October, 2012 - two years later - back in our RV on the MS Gulf Coast (stubborn and determinded).  Enjoying beautiful weather with newfound friends - people who had come to enjoy the week long 16th Annual "Cruisin' the Coast". Over 6,000 antique cars and trucks representing 37 states and hundreds of cities and towns converged on the cities along the coast.

This October, my honey is doing good - pain pretty well under control (with meds), no illness or infection, and still in remission. He manages the fatigue, weakness and instability that seems to accompany his disease.

Unfortunately, yesterday we realized this October was to be no different than the other two. It has been marked by sadness at the death of a dear friend, Kermit Littleton. He and my honey had been friends for over 60 years. Kermit was diagnosed with cancer just 8 months after Bob's diagnosis, and he didn't live quite as long as the doctor predicted.

Bob, Kermit, and Sam .....together for the last time ...... May, 2012
Next weekend we, along with the third couple of our group, Sam and Ann Greco, will head to the north Georgia mountain town of Ellijay, to celebrate Kermit's life and surround his wife, Nita, with our love. We'll say goodbye as his ashes float in one of the trout streams, where he loved to fish.

We'll be happy when October is behind us........


  1. May he rest in peace. Safe travels to you my friend. David was diagnosed in Oct of 2010 also. Terri

  2. oh, dear sarah,

    first, let me say to both bob and you that i am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend, kermit. 60 years, bonded with so many memories, must leave such a void. i keep you both close to my heart as you celebrate his life and embrace his wife, nita, with much love and shared remembrances.

    what a ride these 2 years have been for you both - in some cases, literally! that RV of yours has sure seen you through so many good times (love the photo of the antique red car/crusin' the coast), but when times were bad, they were certainly a challenge, and i know, pretty scary. but you have done a stellar job, sarah, with being bob's advocate and caregiver, and the love of his life. i always looked forward to reading your blog as i learned so much from you - about love, patience, hope, determination, and endurance. and i know how lonely it was for you in the early days - being married for 50 + years, it was so hard to feel such profound lonliness even when your guy was right there.

    bob looks fabulous in this photo! i am so glad he is doing so well and remains in remission. i think back on your last post about "making adjustments...", and believe that the ability to do so brings about a certain peacefullness, and may actually give a boost to one's vitality (and one's immune system!).

    please know i will think of you both as your travel north to georgia; perhaps on the way back, you will be able to enjoy some lovely autumn weather and treat your sweet hearts to the beauty and comfort nature gives us.

    much love, xoxoxoxo.


  3. :-( Sincere condolences on the loss of a dear friend.May you have a safe journey up when you go and pay your respects and bid him farewell.

  4. Sorry to hear you have lost a friend. But SO good to hear things are going well for you. I haven't been reading the MM blogs recently. They were making me too sad. I wish there was more good news!

  5. My mother just lost her battle with this disease.

    YouTube tribute:

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet mother!!

      May your knowledge that she no longer suffers, and your loving memories, bring you peace.