Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is how it goes.....

I check the blogs of several other Multiple Myeloma caregivers, and patients, and in doing so realized that I hadn't written anything in almost a month. That's good! Means that things are really pretty quiet on this MM front.

My honey finally recovered from the maladies that were plaguing him.....and it's evident by the fact that he's getting bored. He's ready to get back out into his shop. I've been pretty successful in getting him to wait until the weather is better and those shop doors can be open to allow the dust and fumes to escape. (No more pneumonia or bronchitis needed!)

Last week, our Gorrell RV Park was open for business and Sam and Ann Greco, friends for many years, came and spent the week with us. We always have a good time sharing the cooking chores and playing cards (Pegs 'n Jokers), at night. Finally, it was like old times ....... with Bob feeling good (B/C).

On Friday night, we had our first night out in many months. For Christmas, our PA daughter and her family had given us tickets to a Kenny G concert at the Beau Rivage, in Biloxi. We spent the night at the Marriott Courtyard. I'm the primary chauffeur, and I had no interest in a 2 hour drive home, late at night. It was a wonderful concert.......and made me feel like things were almost "normal". My honey now walks slow, can't do a lot, but we were "out and about"! (Went to 'Mikey's on the Bayou' in Ocean Springs and had delicious Gumbo and Shrimp PoBoys.)

Maybe we did too much. He hasn't felt very good the past couple of days but this is really how it goes, at our house. One day we're up, and the next we're down, even though his numbers still look good. 

I think this is just how it goes.......with Multiple Myeloma.


  1. I'm glad you posted. I've been thinking about you and didn't know if the lack of posts meant things were good or bad. Glad to hear it's been "good" - and hope that he pulls back out of not feeling weel quickly!

  2. Angie: Thanks! He's "holding his own".....I'm wondering if he'll ever feel good again.

    Glad to see that Tanner is doing good.

  3. hi sarah, what a relief to read your post and know that bob has recovered. i was worried! perhaps he'll just need some time to find his own pace and a suitable balance of rest and activity. glad to hear you were able to enjoy the time with your dear friends, and have a nice get-away. yes, indeedy - the ups and downs are a real challenge to navigate. but i sometimes think it's a blessing in that the "ups" are so much more meaningful. in the space of 24 hours, hugh was rendered "pain free" for the first time in 27 months and i started to lose my hair after 3 chemo treatments. my "down" (yeah, i'm too vane!) couldn't hold a candle to hugh's "up" of being able to walk normally with a smile that replaced the wince of pain fixed on his face for such a long time. always a silver lining..
    hugs, karen

  4. Well I know you guys are doing pretty well being blessed to be one of your FB friends! But I'm glad you have posted and filled us in on some of the things you are doing. That "new normal" be hate so much, is our reality. Dave LOOKS great and feels great, but it isn't where he was b/c and that is just how it goes. But somehow, we have managed to not let it define us and that is a good thing! Hugs to you both, to Angie and Tanner and Hugh and Karen.

  5. Lori: I keep trying to figure out what our "new normal" is....since it seems to continue to change!

    You're so right - there's nothing that's as it was b/c, but we fight for another day.


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