Friday, August 12, 2011

Duct Tape, Scotch Tape, and Safety Pins.....

After a thunderstorm and overnight stop in Fort Payne, Alabama, we got the RV home from Virginia without incident. Well, not really........Bob had no problems, but we were trucking down the Interstate (I-20) and suddenly, we heard a terrible noise. It sounded as if the canopy had come loose (we knew that sound, since it had happened once in terrible South Dakota winds). Bob pulled onto the shoulder (I'm really not crazy about having to do that) and we both got out and checked thoroughly (okay, we thought we checked). The canopy was fine, and nothing else seemed to be out-of-place.

Back in the RV, and headed down I-20, the noise started again. I began searching, and finally stood up and looked down (out my window). It looked as if the front panel, over the right front tire, was going to start on a trip of its own! Now, anyone that knows me, knows I didn't calmy say "the right front panel is coming off"! (Yes, I was very animated.) Bob pulled off the Interstate, at the next exit. (Thankfully, it was an exit with a Truck Stop.) After examination, Bob discovered that the screws were coming out of the panel. We dug through the tools that we had on board, and finding nothing to fix the problem, decided that the Truck Stop might have something more. (There were lots of "No, Sarah, that won't do!) After several minutes, my honey returned with the magic "Fix All" (Duct Tape). After a few minutes, and all taped up, we were ready to go. Now, didn't we just look like the Rednecks on Vacation!!

We arrived home, without further incident. What's a trip, without a little excitement!!

We had to get back home because it was time to check and see what the Myeloma was doing!  On Monday, we went to the Cancer Center so they could get vials of my honey's blood.  After the "blood-letting" we toured all the RV Campgrounds, on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. It's time to camp closer to home, in the event my honey has to get back to to his doctor.  We never know which side-effect he's going to have, next! I did suggest to him; if I completely lose my mind, or get eaten by a big dog, DO NOT allow anyone to change any of his medications, period!

After a long day of touring, we finally decided on a spot in an RV park on the Back Bay of Biloxi. We'll be able to dip our line into the water, and we're minutes from the beautiful beaches of Mississippi. It reminded us both, of happier times (before cancer), when we camped with dear friends, in Florida.

And yes, he did remove the duct tape....and the panel is fixed! And, for the record, I'm putting safety pins and scotch tape in the tool box.

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