Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Rest Area on this Journey......

On Tuesday,  Bob and I met with Dr. H., and we heard the words "Near Complete Remission"! 

His M-Spike is still undetectable, but the Immunofixation testing shows IgG monoclonal protein with kappa light chain specificity (there are still traces of myeloma cells present).

Except for the neuropathy in his legs and feet, he's doing great. We're keeping our fingers crossed that a break from the Velcade (chemo) may bring him some relief. He'll return monthly for Zometa infusions to strengthen his bones, and for lab work to insure that the cancer is continuing to "rest". Is there a plan? Yes, taking one day a time, and enjoying life!  

What a difference a few months, a great oncologist, the correct treatment, faith and prayers can make in this journey.

Perhaps, with continued prayers, "near" complete remission will evolve into complete remission, and the rest area on this journey will become our permanent parking place!

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