Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Headed for Dallas, and the Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic...

So that Bob could have an extra day to rest, we left for Dallas on Sunday, Oct. 24th.  I gave him a Phenergan, prior to the trip, expecting that it would prevent any nausea, as well as let him sleep during the ride. He had felt so badly, the past several days, I had suggested that we fly.....he could wear a mask. Because his immune system was so compromised, we hadn't considered flying and having him breathe "recirculated" air with every type of germ. He vetoed the flying (I think it was the idea of the mask!!).

Usually, when we travel, we're like two magpies - talking about everything. We were extremely quiet on this trip. He still felt badly, and we were both nervous. He slept much of the trip, and I was left to my own thoughts .....and prayers.

The day ended on a happy note, in Dallas, with a visit from our youngest daughter, Robbie, and her family. Granddaughter Sydney brought her Papaw a framed Panorama Puzzle picture of Portofino, Italy, that she had spent hours assembling.  Family will always bring a smile!

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